Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks Grandma!

During my career at Gibson Greetings I was occasionally assigned cards created to be sent to little kids. I did not enjoy these. Here is a prime offender illustrated by yours truly. Who in the hell comes up with this stuff?

Because you're a Special Grandson you get this lame-ass Robot Rabbit card with a Space Commander's badge! (Inside of card below...)
And now the capper. Check out the badge!

This paper has no sticky backing. You would have to pin it to your clothes.
What kind of goofball kid would wear a paper badge pinned to him that says,"Member Of Robot Rabbit's Space Command?"

I'll tell you what kind. The kind of kid who gets his ass kicked before school, after school and twice at recess!


  1. Yeah, I think I got my keister kicked 5 times before I found the root cause. Unfortunately, my grandma pinned it to me with one of those tiny safety pins, so I had to crawl home on my belly just to get the badge taken off.
    Thanks for the memories, Daryll!

  2. I wore it proudly and have the scares to prove it.

  3. My nephew recently said he does not like cards. He is 8 :) But WHO could pass up being in Robot Rabbit's Space Command? This is the coolest of the cool!

  4. If they did it today it might have sound effects and be lenticular...

  5. It saddens me to think I had a part in any beat down of young Chuck and Bearman because of their Space Command badges!

    Take it from a former 8 year old boy... we don't like greeting cards.

    But we do like the $ inside!

  6. Ohhh, you said lenticular!

    *shudder* :~P