Tuesday, August 3, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 in Review

I know this blog is all about the pretty pictures so here's a few from con and if anybody had any specific questions
about it just throw 'em at me.

If anybody is so inclined to mess with all those long winded words
you can read my con review here: An Exercise in Perseverance.

I will also be at Gen Con Saturday and Sunday in the Bawidmann booth for those attending.


  1. Great photos Woody. I like them because they are more than just static shots, they have entertainment value.

    Note to Mario, "Get a haircut!"

    Read your Con wrap-up. Glad you had a particularly successful experience.

  2. Love the smurf pic-the new movie looks absolutely dreadful tho...

    Glad the con went well. Hope you got some great projects out of it. The critiques sounded interesting as well.

  3. I'm personally horrified by the Papa Smurf photo. Which is to say - I love it.

  4. I'll second Daryll's comment. Hamming it up = one fun Comicon photo essay!
    My favorite pic is the Slave Leia wearing the Jack Skellington sweatshirt. (Unfortunately, not posted here.)

  5. I soooo want that light cycle! That looks so SWweeeet!