Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mammoth Cave

This is a T-shirt design I created last month for my cousin's Boy Scout troop.
I had a lot of fun with it, so I posted it on my blog, along with unused sketches like the one below, and far too many details about how the design came to be.


  1. Ooh, I looooove seeing a lengthy design process blog entry! (no--really!)

    Awesome job! Do you get a Tshirt also?

    I'm working on a Tshirt design myself, for a friend's upcoming ice cream social...... but we're printing it ourselves! Freezer paper & spray paint, here we come! ;~)

  2. Awesome design Chuck! Very cool & perfect for that age group.

    Love the flashlight shadows!

  3. Thanks, guys! Yes, two free t-shirts and a happy cousin was part of the deal.

    And I want to see a blog post on freezer paper+spray paint t-shirts. Is this an urban variation on tie-dye?

  4. Ha! Will do.

    I'm still working on step 1:

  5. Haunted Hanna Barbera! Fine design. And I'm jealous of the flashlight shadow work.

  6. Haha! The boy on the left does resemble a young 'Shaggy'....

  7. Thanks again, folks!

    Interesting observation. A big downside to having a mainstream animation-influenced style is that every time you draw an elephant or a bat, you have to examine the history of animation to see if you aren't re-creating an existing character.

    This step is missing from the blog, but I began with a Google Image search of Manny (from Ice Age) and Bartok (from Anastasia) and tried to steer clear from them as best I could. I wasn't worried about goofy-looking kids in t-shirts, and Shaggy's kid brother flew in under the radar.

    Next time, all the kids get drawn with skin tight "ringer T's" :-)

  8. Did the kids love the shirt?

    Nice, solid design. I love the bat-I seem to remember that you said that you were drawing one.

  9. Yep, that's him —a little one.