Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Family Vermin

Since postings on this blog seem to be generating fewer and fewer comments - which may mean we're all busy, yay! - I'm experimenting with no longer announcing new "Shermin the Vermin" strips on this blog. I don't want to offend you people. Nor clients - he may be removed from my portfolio Web site.

Those who like Shermin know his Web address. If not, ask me. I'll even e-mail you when a new one's posted.

However, on those days when Shermin is NOT terribly disgusting, I'll post his strip here at Cincy Ill Blog.. In fact, today's strip is so wholesome I should have employed "Billy" from "The Family Circus."


  1. Ha! Funny!

    I really like Shermin with the banana peel on his head, dead fish and cigarette in mouth!

    This layout works well too.

  2. Re-drawing this cartoon with nice, clean lines was an utter failure; it only works with scratchy, crappy scans from notebook paper!