Monday, August 2, 2010


Several Cincy illustrators will be at GenCon Indianapolis Thursday through Sunday. I'll have a booth in Artist Alley and so will Billy Tackett (lives in Covington). I know Oliver Meinerding will be wondering the floors too. I haven't talked to Woody but I'd be willing to bet he'll be around too. So make sure to stop by and see some of us.

On a different note, I've found full-time work as a texture artist!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Joe and congrats on the new gig!
    Forgive me for being a bit curious —will you be adding textures for CG movies? If so, is it something that is easy to do from this area?

  2. Anyone exhibiting at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 18th? There starting to get a pretty good lineup. I've sent in my registration form.

  3. I haven't done any sequential work so I haven't considered the Comic Expo. I think I remember seeing that their lineup was looking nice.

    Chuck-It's textures for a computer game. It's very difficult to get major work for games and movies working out of your house and those companies don't seem to be in the area really. I just got lucky.

  4. Congrats on the position Joe! What kind of textures will you be doing?

    I WISH I could go to GenCon for a day but I am swamped beyond belief. Leaving the house will be a challenge.

    Josh, I think Tim plans to get a tabel for 12-Way with Cheese at Comicon but I will be at the Indiana Bat Festival and will miss it :)

  5. Christina- Space ship textures. Lots of metal,tubes, rivets, vents,etc. There's a little bit of concept art mixed in too.

  6. Congrats Joe on the new job.

    I'll be helping Andrew Bawidmann run his booth Saturday and Sunday at GenCon. You Oliver and I will have to hang a bit.
    Josh as far as the Cincy Expo I'll have to get a table but haven't done so yet.