Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cartoon Music at the KSO

Good news for cartoon buffs looking for a very unique evening out this weekend:

The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra is doing a very special presentation dedicated to music of cartoons. They will be doing live renditions of classic Hollywood scores, as well as TV themes such as the Simpsons and Animaniacs. There will be commentary by music expert Daniel Goldmark, and live vocal performance by Rob Paulsen. The composer/orchestrator of Animaniacs, Steve and Julie Bernstein will also offer commentary and clips of their work.

The event is getting a nice plug from Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew this morning, but you need to skip to the third paragraph to catch it.

Full details and a link to tickets are at the KSO website.


  1. Whoahey! --Rob Paulsen was the voice of Yakko on the Animaniacs! I wonder if he'd sing the Countries Song live?!

  2. Paula, good memory! He's supposed to be doing some live voice-overs, so it's highly possible.

  3. I alllllmoooosssssst met him!
    They had an event at the Warner Bros' store in Tower City (in Cleveland) with all 3 Animaniacs voice actors. We waited & waited in line for hours........ and didn't meet the time cut-off! I wrote to them afterward, and they sent me a nice signed photo of the 3 of them.
    I was in love with that show! I think I was 14 or 15? I had a shirt, too... wish I saved it!

  4. Haha! Then you have to go!

    I got to meet Mel Blanc when he gave a performance at UC back in the early 80's. He signed a Bugs Bunny cel for me, which I have in a closet somewhere. It's great to see those unnatural voices coming out of a real person. I've never seen footage of Nancy Cartwright doing Bart. I'd love to, tho!

  5. He will be performing "Cheeses of the World". "Yakko's Universe", and "Yakko's World".... Yes LIVE!

  6. I was able to catch it on Friday, and it was a really great show —lots for animation enthusiasts to love. The KSO's performance of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" was the high point for me.

    Angela was correct about the program (thanks!), and it was amazing to hear Rob Paulsen perform "Yakko's World" live. I always assumed that Yakko's voice was recorded at a slower speed, like Daffy Duck's. It's not, so Rob has to sing extremely fast to pull it off. He's an amazing talent, and a very nice guy.

    I told him I knew someone who was a huge longtime fan, so he signed my program for Paula. I asked him for his shirt as well, but I couldn't get that —sorry, Paula!

  7. Ohmygosh! Thanks!!
    I was out of town & had to miss it; I would've really loved to have seen it!

  8. That Chuck Rekow... what a great guy!

    Sounds like it was an awesome event. Wish I could have been there.