Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I'd present this blast from the past. My second job out of college was working in the art department for the NBC-TV affiliate in Columbus, OH. This was in 1983, right before a lot of TV graphics were created digitally. This is an acetate with colored film attached to the back. From this image a slide was created for broadcast.

I really enjoyed this job and my main function was creating news graphics. The only problem with this is that there aren't too many funny things going on in the news and I rarely got a chance to use my cartooning skills. So here is a rare cartoon piece.

As I look at it now I cringe at the many drawing mistakes... the top of the baby's head is kinda bullet shaped and where is her right leg??? Missing! Or she's a budding Mary Lou Retton! Mom's head is a little wonky too. Luckily it was only on screen in 5 second increments.

Happy Mother's Day to all the nice moms!
(but not the mean ones...)


  1. Hilarious! It reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock. This stuff is awesome. Daryll. Your illustrious past!

  2. There is an amazing sweetness to this, an air of optimism from a newly graduated artist ;)

    Love seeing the vintage Daryll... Sounds like a cool job too. The early 80s were good times.

  3. Thanks Chuck and Christina.

    "There is an amazing sweetness to this, an air of optimism from a newly graduated artist" ;)

    Then the harsh realities of the illustration biz hit me like a ton of bricks! Actually Christina, you may be on to something. I've got lots of stuff you wouldn't believe emanated from my pen. I could call these posts, "The Softer Side Of Daryll."

  4. I like that idea: "And Now a Very Special Post from Daryll"

    It could be a regular feature just like those special NBC PSAs or something...

  5. I love this so much. It's perfect.