Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Images For An Adventure

This is the art for an adventure I was working on for Triple Ace Games. I'm writing and illustrating it. I'll upload the images here. The project was meant to be one adventure, I petitioned for the adventure to be made into a series rather than just one. They refused, at first, then decided they wanted a three to four part series of adventures, AFTER they said no, I signed the contract, and AFTER I had done a whole bunch of work on it. Everything but the manuscript was finished. THEN, it fell off into limbo. I'll probably petition that the project be resurrected later. This was designed for TAG's Hellfrost setting. So, yeah, I got no money for this work... Sweet.

Cover: Chalk pastel on toned canson paper. 8.5"x11"
Interiour: Graphite on paper. 8.5"x11"


  1. This is refreshing work in a sea of the digital that dominates fantasy at the moment.

    Nice dreamlike quality too. I like the depth of field in 3 and 5.

  2. My favorite is #4. Very dramatic and dynamic!

    Weren't there any provisions written into the contract like a kill fee? I would insist on it in the future. That's extremely unprofessional of them to not pay anything to you for all this great work.

    I just had a job where the project was cancelled (no fault of mine) after I completed sketches. The contract called for me to be paid 1/2 the total.

  3. Yeah, I learned that the hard way, Daryll... I should have known, considering they told me that in school.

  4. I like #4 as well!
    Your enthusiasm for this subject really shows!

    Wow---that is a tough lesson learned.
    I'm really glad I now have someone to handle all those nitty-gritty details for me. . .

  5. I now play hardball with these guys. I ask for everything and talk down from a high price; that way I don't get too screwed over. Though, so far, they still don't pay that well. But I would be making far less if I didn't ask for things.

  6. You know Justin, your work seems well suited to the YA market. Have you thought about approaching book publishers? Very Mary Grand Pre (who did the American Harry Potter illustrations). She also does amazing pastel work.

  7. Yeah, I sent out packets to about 11 different publishers 3 months ago. Some were YA some adult. I should be hearing back about now or in another 3 months from now. I should still keep looking, though. Do you have any advice or resources I might be able to utilize?

    Thanks, by the way.

  8. Very nice work. Hopefully the client comes around.