Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DeviantArtist Part 2

Here's the link to Ochre Jelly.

I think I've become such a lazy web-user that I don't even like to cut & paste my own links if I'm unsure of where it's leading me!

JR--I do like this artist, too. (...especially the penguin piece.)


  1. Thanks for the hotlink, Paula —I'm lazy too! :-)

  2. Thanks, Paula. Sometimes when I post a link, it automatically reads as such. How did you do that? Inquiring mind want to know :P

  3. Hmmmm, well if I TYPE it, it'll become HTML & make a hot link!

    Go here: How to Make a Hot Link!

    My HTML/web design class at Kent was one of the most useful classes I've ever taken! ;~)