Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly Reader Hilarity!

For a year or two, circa 1994/1995, I did the Peanut & Jocko comic strip for Weekly Reader. They wrote the jokes (probably a good idea) and I just illustrated the comic. I guess P&J had run for a few years before I got the assignment and ran for a while after it was given to someone else. I have no idea what the characters looked like before and after my tenure and there is no visual info on this online. I was curious to see what the other cartoonists take was on these characters.

Anyway, when I was a kid, my Weekly Reader had Zip & Nip, a dog and cat. So I guess they rotate characters every decade or so...

Sadly Peanut & Jocko did not have the staying power of Goofus & Gallent!


  1. Nice, Daryll. I really admire your linework. It's clean and expressive.

  2. Looks like a great gig. They have a new artist doing Goofus and Gallent. I loved that comic as a kid.

    I have not heard much from Weekly Reader lately? I wonder what they are doing these days since there were recently in banckrupcy.

  3. Thanks Justin.

    That's right Christina. I keep on getting class action lawsuit notices from some law firm in regards to Weekly Reader. I've never bothered to read about what possible monies they are going after or why they've contacted free-lancers in their pursuit.

    I think they emerged out of bankruptcy in February.

  4. These are great Daryll! I was almost picked to do the art for a strip that runs in Click mag. I was the runner-up, but maybe that was just as well as they've been in a financial mess for several years.

    I did do a ton of joke books-I'll dig some out soon.

  5. Thanks Viki.

    Dig out some of your classic work. We'd love to see it. I've been going through my old files and I am amazed at what I found. Some is for public consumption, some is not!

  6. I remember Peanut and Jocko in My Weekly Reader when I was a kid in the ‘70s.

  7. Thank you This brought back memories. The one P & J script I remember the most was one of Peanut trying to get into the Men's Room. He pushes hard in frustration and Jacko says "Let me try." "How can you open it if I can't?" Peanut replies. And Jacko responds "The sign says 'pull.' You pushed."