Monday, May 10, 2010

Smartists Inc. blog

Hey guys I started a new blog for business issues specifically relating to artists- I also just put a poll up it would be interesting to see the results so please vote on it!

Here's a link to the blog please stop by and follow if it is this is a topic you're interested in or have ideas about:


  1. I got as far as the first posting (introduction). I really really like your writing style, and your frankness, Darcy! I'll visit back often, I'm sure!
    Best of Luck!

  2. This blog is a great idea. I think a lot of artists struggle with the business aspect of being an illustrator. It really should be a larger componant of school programs.

  3. We spend so much time developing our talent. Totally locked into our artistic side, that business skills get put on the back burner.

    The core skills of business/sales seem to be most creative people's Achilles' heel.