Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What’s in a Name or It's Raining Wo Hallelujah

A young lady recently asked me to comment on the title of my blog An Exercise in Perseverance and so I responded. The only reason I mention it here is because some of the topics discussed may be relevant to past topics addressed here. I tend to keep my opinions to myself in our collective forum but here are my thoughts concerning what function my blog serves for me as well as some general advice I have for young artists based on mistakes I have made in the past. Just click on my blog link above.


For those not interested in reading long winded explanations and because I never read posts without pretty pictures enjoy some flying naked ladies with bird feet.
This was an illustration I did for WarHammer for FFG just released.


  1. Flying naked lady demons... a great way to start off a Thursday morning!

    Really cool illustration Woody!

  2. Nice execution on the hands. I have always loved harpies-whoever dreamed them up had issues or at least an ex-wife...

    The explanation for your the name of your blog is cogent. An illustration career is an exercise in perserverence-I always thought the title was apt.

  3. This is awesome Woody! (as usual). Lots of foreshortening issues which can make designing tough —all handled gloriously!

    Whenever I see naked ladies flying around our neighborhood, it's always a big disappointment when they don't sport bird feet, so I'm glad you included all the naughty bits.

  4. Great personal testimony, Woody, and excellent answer to Sara's question. (I just read it). Coming out of school, I was a bit over-obsessed with awards or getting vindication from experts in the field, which I suppose is natural and healthy. During my first job, I sort of lost that obsession and began re-orienting my priorities in favor of what is right for my audience or the project at hand. In terms of quality though, my personal needs and standards will always be a guiding factor.
    It's always a balancing act.

    Oh geez, you got me monologuing!