Saturday, May 8, 2010

International Coverage for 12-Way With Cheese!

Thanks to Woody, our comic athology of Cincinnati illustrators got coverage in Imagine FX, the UK fantastic illustration magazine. Cool! Now to get some local coverage!


  1. Ahhh. Just perfect for Mother's Day! :-)
    Congrats on the press, Woody! I'm in awe of your moonlit sky —just amazing!

  2. That looks dynamite Woody!

    Can't wait to see the whole story.

  3. Thanks Christina, Daryll, and Chuck. I look forward to holding the book in my little grubby mitts to read everyone else's stories.

  4. Actually, it is a good Mother's Day post since our moms are the most likely buyers ;)

    Hopefully this press will catch someone else's eye too. It should be good for the press kit to get local stores to carry it.