Monday, May 17, 2010

No More Blood

A buddy of mine who is a local filmmaker hired me to do a promo poster for his independent film NO MORE BLOOD.
The final will be in color but here is the b/w composition thus far. I will post the final color version on my blog but I thought it would be good to get some new art up over here.

Any one interested in the movie here is the Facebook link:


  1. This is so cool Woody! Funky logo too. Are the likenesses of the actors? I noticed it starts filming soon and wondered if the cast was in place when you were contracted to do this.

  2. Woody failed to mention that I have a bit role in this feature as Uncle Aldo, curmudgeonly mob boss of the Fannucchi crime syndicate.

    Great job Woody! Can't wait to see the color version. Although the B & W has a nice noir feel.

  3. Excellent, Woody! The style reminds me a bit of Travis Charest —whose work I absolutely love. I love your type treatment too!

    Post more and more and more!

  4. Nice work, Woody. Can't wait to see the final. Always interesting to see your technique in-progress.

  5. Christina, Yep the likeness are of the actors but I was more concerned with getting the idea of the character down. Funny Chuck I actually had his art sitting on my desk while doing it. While I may have looked to Charest to solve some vignette and style issues my main inspiration was the great Blaxploitation posters of the 70's along with a little 100 Bullets spice thrown in for good measure. Thx D and J!