Monday, May 3, 2010

Of Gold and Morning Light

Here are some images I worked on to concept for a faerie-tale I wrote about two years ago. These images are about as old as the story. I learned a lot from these. I REALLY wanted to work on butcher paper for some reason. It's essentially brown-bag paper. I ran into a lot of problems, mostly with the paper not being able to hold up under the abuse. Each image is about 5"x7", chalk pastel.


  1. This is my favorite work of yours so far Justin. 5 X 7 is a wee size to work in. Perhaps working bigger would help the paper stress. I do not know though, not my medium.

    The third image is so expressive.

  2. I like these too! You're doing great things with color —great atmosphere in all of these, although I think they get better as you scroll down.

    I do my figure drawings on bogus paper, which is not very different from butcher paper —it's probably worse, in fact. Most of my figure drawings are thrown away anyway, so I use cheap stuff. These little sketches deserve better.

  3. Yeah, it was a project that I started a couple years ago. I had met this amazing pastel artist who did these TINY paintings and they were soooo tight and clean. I was convinced I could do it. My buddy said I probably shoudn't. But when someone tells me I can't do something or I get it in my head I can do something, it's one track mind land from there on out.

    I was pleased with these. I only did these and a few double page spreads as drawings only. I was planning on sending these to a publisher, along with the manuscript. A tight little package to hopefully get a deal from. I would still like to publish my stories, especially this one.

    Thanks, Christina. This is my favourite way to work. Each image was labouriously planned. I did multiple drawings for each and various colour studies. The one with the butterflies is actually a second attempt. I started painting one drawing I had made and realized it wasn't going to work. Frustrating. So I scrapped it and started all over. The very bottom image is the cover. If I get this published I'll repaint all of them with more reference and in bigger format, maybe 8.5"x11". I work with fantasy a lot, but faerie tales are where it's at. I give myself a lot more freedom of expression. Plus, it's easier to make lots of weird little creatures with crazy features and lots of character. I am really kicking myself for not using any reference with these images. I hate the folds and some of the colour is very bad, especially in the topmost image.

  4. I enjoy these because of the danger involved. That's what a sketch is, for me - a risk taken that expands your knowledge.

    And DO shush about how you "hate the folds." The work is expressive and rich.

    And there's a reason why no sane person would ever compliment MY folds. "The horror, the horror..." And don't start me on anatomy!