Friday, May 7, 2010

I need your Banner Ads

I am looking to add as many regular lunchers/cincy illustrators to my blog roll ( as I am going to create a category specifically for this group. If anyone is interested, please send a link or file of a 125x125 banner ad of your site/blog to me at bearmancartoons (at) yahoo

If anyone wants to add me to their blog roll, this is a great time as all this month I am donating money to the Freestore and the Down Syndrome Association for anyone who adds me to their blog roll or follows me on twitter/facebook. All the details on the challenge are at this post. My primary objective is to get your banner ads so please do NOT feel obliged to add me to your blog roll.

Hopefully my travel schedule might allow me to show up for lunch sometime this month.



  1. Cool idea. I will get you one next week.

  2. Thanks Christina.

    Getting some email responses already. Thanks all.