Monday, May 3, 2010

Existential Eating

Friend and fellow Cincinnati artist Ramsey Ford has been regularly posting 'Esistential Eating' cartoons on Amateur Foodies, a blog devoted to local, sustainable and/or quality food in Cincinnati. Check it out. Feel free to suggest new ideas for future cartoons.


  1. What a great blog. Lots of useful information too.

    Existential is a good word for that cartoon. Considering some of the conditions in factory farming, perhaps not too off the mark either.

  2. Hi Christina,

    Yeah, I actually helped start the blog a few years ago but haven't done anything with it in a while. Our good friends Gavin and Sarah revived it and are regularly posting with reviews and interesting information. I'm told it's now among the top-15 local food blogs.

  3. They reviewed the Asian Market —nice!
    One suggestion for the blog: Make it really easy to find a review of a particular restaurant. Maybe index them in a sidebar, categorized by price or by quality rating.

    Best of luck to Ramsey and everyone else!

  4. Ryan, are you part of the local food co-op?

  5. Christina,
    Yes. We do a meat CSA with the Eaton farm (Madison, Indiana). Last year, we did the produce CSA with them as well. This year, I believe we're going to grow as much as we can and buy the rest at the Hyde Park Farmers Market - mainly from the Eatons. We try to keep it local.


  6. I would like to get involved in that kind of thing-particularly to buy meat. I do try to buy at Farmer's Markets too when the season allows. I grow a little but it is mostly herbs and tomatoes.

    You guys are way ahead of me in the process :)